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We are a well established company that has traceable history of good service in providing Kwazulu Natal with quality wooden houses for more than 15 years.

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Wooden cabins are very easy and affordable to move from a place/site to another.We dismantle your existing wendy houses and re assemble them at new sites at low prices.We are only a call away!

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We also do repairs of the wendy houses that you already have even if they were not supplied by us.We value each of your hard-earned cents so dont hes…

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Contact us for all your wooden decks and fencing decks,we do your work effectively and professionally.


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3m x 3m louver style wendy house.This is our top sold wendy house that has a normal bedroom space in it.It can be used as a domestic worker cottage,garden shed,tuck shop and more.

Storage units picture

We make strong storage units that we can install on your backyard.If you have got plenty of stuff causing a traffic jam in your rooms and wanna store…

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We build your wooden houses that are comfortable and all-weather friendly at very affordable prices.They come in both types,louver wendy houses and t…

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Guard huts picture

Our guard huts are very easy to dismantle on a point and reassemble at a new guard point.They give a very welcoming view on the gates of your propert…

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We are the best in supplying developing and developed schools with both temporary and permanant structures to use as classrooms or creches.The top re…

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These are the prices for areas within the radius of 100km from us, transportation charges apply on areas beyond the radius. The prices are only for l…

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Homepride Wendys is the most trusted company in South Africa that constructs all types of wooden cabins.We pride ourselves in building a strong relationship with our existing and potential customers,as well as the world around our business.Our loyalty to customers has kept us going for more than 15…

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Lab Musemwa


Owner and founder of the company since its start.Committed to business and quality work. Communicates business directly to customer to ensure the best workmanship. 


Phone: 0732619163

Whatsapp: 0672730818

Email: [email protected]


8912 Cinderella Park B,Eastwood,Pietermaritzburg, 3201,South Africa

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